Sep 29 - Oct 1

Animistic Beliefs
Strict Nurse

Grove DJ-set
Authentically Plastic
Soft Break
Young Woman b2b ZOBAYDA

Vulvaverse Manifesto

Welcome to Vulvaverse, a transformative music festival curated and brought to life by the band VULVA. Our mission is to create an inclusive universe where marginalized artists, musicians, creators, and speakers can showcase their talents and foster a space of learning and healing. With a focus on centering the queer, bipoc, and LGBTQIA+ communities, we come together to celebrate the power of loud music, expression, and shared experiences. Within Vulvaverse, we encourage you to scream, cry, dance, laugh, and listen, allowing for the full spectrum of emotions to be embraced.

Each year, we delve into a vital theme or subject related to bodily autonomy. Through our programming, we aim to provide valuable insights and information. In the past, we have explored topics such as abortion and contraception, and this year, our spotlight shines on trans healthcare in the Netherlands. By addressing these issues, we hope to generate meaningful conversations and deepen our collective understanding. One of our key objectives is to amplify the voices and experiences of the queer, bipoc, and trans communities within the realm of heavy music. To achieve this, we are hosting a dedicated panel that sheds light on this important perspective.  

Code of Conduct

To ensure that Vulvaverse remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, we have established a set of ground rules and a code of conduct. We request all attendees to adhere to the following principles:

1. Respect: We will not tolerate any form of demeaning, discriminatory, ableist, or harassing behavior or speech. We strive to foster an environment where mutual respect and dignity prevail.

2. Consent: Obtain explicit consent before photographing or filming individuals. Everyone's right to privacy and personal boundaries should be respected at all times.

3. Pronouns and Orientation: Never assume someone's pronouns or sexual orientation. Embrace the diversity of identities and be open to learning from one another.

4. Safety and Support: Our dedicated staff and floor angels are here to assist you. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to approach them for help or guidance. We firmly believe that by upholding this code of conduct, we can create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all festival participants. If you find that you are unable to fully comply with these principles you are not welcome at Vulvaverse.